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Campaign for Real Pet Food
Campaign for Real Pet Food

Have you ever wondered what goes into your pet's food?

Just what exactly is a 'meat and animal derivative' or an 'EC permitted additive' - and should you be feeding them to your cat or dog? And how can you make sense of all that confusing marketing and choose a food that you can really trust?

We are a group of passionate individuals who all run our own independent pet food companies, and we set up The Campaign for Real Pet Food because we believe that pets and their owners deserve better - better pet foods, and better information about them.

Working together, and with your support, we can make a real difference - no more meat and animal derivatives, no more artificial additives - more real pet food!

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Helen Booth

Helen Booth

Natural probiotic treat producer

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Carolyn Menteith

Carolyn Menteith

Dog trainer, behaviourist and broadcaster

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Inga MacKellar

Inga Mackellar

Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist

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